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September, 2020

Welcome to Ubulawu...

Our shop was born five years ago, and has spread sacred plant treasures to more than 7000 adventurous people across the globe! Ubulawu is focused on a deep respect for nature, and ensures conscious sourcing of it's products, strictly focused on organic farming and respectful wild harvest.

Touched by the ancestral wisdom of beings from all continents, Ubulawu feels, experiments and shares with you our most precious and mysterious discoveries. We deeply honour these botanical specimens; recognising and appreciating their cultural background, we hold such gratitude to those who have brought them to us now.

Often rare or unknown, the treasures of Ubulawu are pearls of unique and unexpected power, accessible to all. With our passion for the well-being of humanity; Ubulawu opens the door to a rich promise of discovery, of healing and transformation, of strength and peace.

This site is an ongoing, alternative version of our French web store,; there you may discover our full collection of herb! As we translate and update our original site, this platfrom has been created with the intention of our English speaking followers. This website is simple and clear, allowing you to navigate our sacred herbs with ease.

Click here to visit our Etsy shop for reviews from our beloved customers! Keep in touch we us on facebook and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions of enquires, we love hearing from you.

With love,

The Ubulawu Family


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