Shatavari | Asparagus Racemosus | Wild Asparagus | Tian Men Dong | The Flying Herb
Shatavari | Asparagus Racemosus | Wild Asparagus | Tian Men Dong | The Flying Herb

Shatavari | Asparagus Racemosus | Wild Asparagus | Tian Men Dong | The Flying Herb

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Shatavari | Asparagus Racemosus | Wild Asparagus | Tian Men Dong | The Flying Herb

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Certified Organic Product. Imported from India, quality lab controlled in UK.


Millenium Herb, Shatavari is the "Yin"
Queen of Asian medicine
It is a treasure of Vitality and Serenity,
An incredible gift for lightness & flexibility,

For discovering what really is Well Being.

She possess so much talents than this description couldn't be shorter !

Our Shatavari is actually in powder, for a better assimilation of its magical components.

The Shatavari is an Asian species of Wild Asparagus. Its roots have been used for millennia and considered as master plants of 2 ancestral medicines:

Ayurveda (India) & Chinese Medicine.

It is called adaptogen, able to adapte to the needs of the organism & to balance it as a whole.

For millennia, this plant has been cherished by monks, shamans and yogis for its ability to open the heart and fill it with energy. It dissolves the apparent Duality to create harmony and unity within. She brings a great openness (or "Flexibility") that also come into dreams, alleviates consciousness and allows her to "fly" in universes she could not have imagined, with a sweet and wonderful note.

The Taoists and some Asian spiritual schools, who consider the Dream as an important source of personal evolutions, praised the oneirogen properties of these roots.

Of a "Sattvic" nature (in Ayurveda) the Shatavari is pure and harmonious, it is renowned to soothe the spirit.

Shatavari is a regenerating herb that refreshes the body and nourishes the tissues. It supports the immune system & helps digestion, both physical and mental.

It brings Strength, Vitality & Vigor.

It is said to bring Wisdom, because of its ability to tone the airways, these pathways being carriers of Wisdom in Ayurvedic & Chinese medicine. When breathing properly, it is possible to manage any situation with great peacefulness.
The Shatavari brings this deep peace and this ability to "breathe" truly. According to the Chinese, it would help extract in the Air (intimately connected to the "Qi" the vital energy) the "Heaven Qi" or the energy that is most beneficial to us

Sacred Feminine
Shatavari nourishes deeply the "Yin", the feminine essence of Creation.

It has been used in India and China for thousands of years by all generations of women, from the girl, to the mother and grandmother, as a rejuvenating tonic for the female system.

It soothes and provides relief for menstrual pain, various menstrual imbalances and during menopause. It balances the hormonal secretions & also helps, in the long term, to beautify the skin by making it "breathe". 

In China, it is called "Tian Men Dong" which literally means "the one that has 1000 husbands", meaning that the Woman consuming it would have reproductive abilities to have 1000 husbands! It also encourages the secretion of breast milk, which has greatly contributed to making this herb famous all over the world.

​However, this magical herb is here to help women & men to enlight the potential of the Yin energy.