Tulsi | Ocimum Sanctum | Holy Basil | Krishna, Vana & Rama

Tulsi | Ocimum Sanctum | Holy Basil | Krishna, Vana & Rama

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Tulsi | Ocimum Sanctum | Holy Basil Krishna Vana & Rama 

ashwagandha organic bio farm   


Certified Organic Product. Imported from India, quality lab controlled in UK.

It's with a great pleasure that we offer you these 3 different Holy Basil, well known under other names like Tulsi, The Queen of Herbs, The Mother Medecine of Nature...

Tulsi is respected as one of the more important herb in the Ayurvedic Medicine.


Beside being delicious to drink anytime in the day, Holy Basil is a powerful revitalizer and stress cleaner. It has the status of an ADAPTOGENIC herb.

In Ayurveda, an Adaptogen is call a "Rasayana", wich mean "the Circulation of the Essence".

This means that it brings the individual to health, regardless of ones issues.

This is a plant that, when taken daily, can bring a lot of transformations.

It improves reconstruction of physically and moraly exhausted people, and nourish them.


  Using Tulsi give us a balanced, soft and strong vital energy, while getting rid of stress in the organism. That's why we considere it as tonifying and relaxing at the same time.

  Tulsi is also a powerful Sleep Aid regulating sleep cycles, as well as a Dream Enhancer !

 Tulsi emanate a very high vibration.

It has always been used as a great ally to meditation and other spiritual practices.

Holy Basil have decades of other powers, learn more about it ;)