White Wings | Sagan Dalya | Rhododendron Adamsii
White Wings | Sagan Dalya | Rhododendron Adamsii
White Wings | Sagan Dalya | Rhododendron Adamsii
White Wings | Sagan Dalya | Rhododendron Adamsii
White Wings | Sagan Dalya | Rhododendron Adamsii

White Wings | Sagan Dalya | Rhododendron Adamsii

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Discovery of Sagan Dalya

The Sagan Dalya or "White Wings" is an incredible treasure,
Its delicate leaves are infused with incomparable flavors,
And reveals a revitalizing drink of unequaled power.

  Sagan Dalya is a legendary shrub native to the Russian Far East.
The indigenous population of the Baikal region calls it "white wing".

A word from Ubulawu: What an honor to share this legendary and totally unknown grass! This is a very, very powerful treasure that we invite you ALL to discover and appreciate! Share your feelings!

   Since ancient times, this plant has been used by shamans and healers from the Far East, Mongolia and northeastern Tibet.

  "An ancient legend tells that triumphant warriors have planted their spears in the golden mountains of the Altai to salute their country of origin.
 Over time, a shrub has appeared on these lands, making the energy accumulated to humans. "

Sagan Dalya is a powerful stimulant plant, superior to coffee, ginseng and golden root "Rhodiola".

  The leaves of Sagan Dalya contain an impressive amount of essential oils, alkaloids, vitamins C and D and flavonoids rarely studied.

  Before or after a difficult day, to regain a good mood or escape from a transient depression, an infusion of these herbs can greatly change the situation.

  And for a revitalization and deep cleaning job, just use it every day for a month!

  A dozen sheets is enough but it is possible to add a little more during an exceptional use. Let them steep in boiled water, covered for 15 minutes. Feel free to reuse the same sheets a second time! 

  After only a few sips of herbal tea Sagan Dalya, the effect is immediate: it deploys internal energy, refreshes the mind and removes fatigue. Sagan Dalya has a very pleasant and delicate taste, making it a surprising tea to discover to friends and a perfect addition to tea or other favorite drinks.

  White Wings or Sagan Dalya are used in many magic and healing rituals. In regular use, they are considered "Adaptogenic": capable of detoxifying, revitalizing and strengthening the body as a whole, while helping the body to adapt to difficult or changing situations, helping us to fight against any form of stress and tension, helping us to adapt.

 Sagan Dalya alone is what could be called a "Panacea", an elixir with a thousand feats ...

 It has the power to reveal to us our full energy potential, our "full power".

   Tibetan medicine, Buryat Shamans and the nobility of the Far East know his powers well.

Healing properties

  In folk medicine, Sagan Dalya is used as a stimulant, restorative and tonic. This plant is able to increase the endurance of the body and the ability to work. In Tibetan medicine, Sagan is used to boost immunity and increase sexual libido in men.

  White Wings are considered to be "Life Extenders" due to their many beneficial properties. Here are some of them: They activate the work of all the internal organs and in particular the brain, the heart and the lungs; improve the condition of the blood vessels; Eliminates harmful cholesterol, slag and toxins from the body reduce the viscosity of the blood; relieves fatigue help with bacterial infections; stimulates the urinary system; prevents oxygen deprivation; have a pronounced bactericidal and anti-inflammatory property; fight against the pathogenic microflora of the intestine; restore sleep; optimize concentration and attention ...

  It should be noted that its rich composition has a beneficial effect not only on the internal organs, but also has a rejuvenating and toning effect for the skin, prevents premature aging and the appearance of mimetic wrinkles. Sagan Dalya creams strengthen the walls of capillaries, improve microcirculation and nourish the skin at the cellular level. Homemade tonics and sagan-dalya masks are popular for removing puffiness and cleaning bruises under the eyes.


 Sagan Dale should be used with great care by people who are prone to hypertension.

As a powerful stimulant, it is not recommended to consume it just before sleeping.

We do not recommend any use of this plant by pregnant or lactating women and in young children.

There are rarely any side effects with Sagan Dale, but Over-Dosage can have significant consequences of disorientation: Pay attention!

To go further

• A surprisingly delicate aroma
• Stimulates the work of the kidneys, heart and promotes brain activity.
• Strengthens and increases sexual power.
• Reduces nervousness and fatigue, rejuvenates, increases inner power.
• Removes unnecessary foreign elements from the body
• Restores the activity of the cardiovascular system, liver, gallbladder.
• Strengthens the walls of blood vessels
• Relieves hangover syndrome

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